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Written by Helena on septembre 03, 2023

Emma’s new movie Poor Things has a new trailer! The movie has been presented at the Venice Film Festival this weekend which Emma didn’t attend because of the SAG AFTRA strike. The movie will also be presented at the Telluride Festival which Emma is rumored to attend to honor Yorgos Lanthimos, not to promote the movie directly. The first reviews are also out: the movie is amazing! Many critics say it might earn Emma’s fourth Oscar nomination and could even secure her the win! Can’t wait to see the movie. Find the trailer below as well as a new poster and new stills.

Written by Helena on juin 01, 2023

VOGUE – When we first meet Bella Baxter, the character that Emma Stone brings to life in the upcoming Yorgos Lanthimos film Poor Things, she is a 19th-century European woman with the brain of an infant. The subject of a strange experiment by her guardian, Dr. Godwin Baxter (Willem Dafoe), with assistance from his associate, Max McCandless (Ramy Youssef), Bella is grasping at sentience, throwing dishes to the floor and stomping around in voluminous, puffy-sleeved frocks as she ages and matures at hyper-speed.

Watching Bella’s mental age catch up to her physical development is eerie, to be sure—for an explanation of how all of this works, see Scottish writer Alasdair Gray’s 1992 novel of the same name, adapted for this film by Tony McNamara—but it’s also strangely empowering. Of all the pleasures that the world has in store, sex is perhaps her most important discovery, and as Bella pursues it with verve, she emerges as a rare female protagonist who simply has no regard for societal judgment. When a former lover, played by Mark Ruffalo, tries to shame her for working at a brothel in Paris, she shoots back: “We are our own means of production.” (As it happens, she and a colleague are on their way to a meeting for young socialists.)

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Written by Helena on mai 11, 2023

Poor Things has a new still and its first teaser! Out exclusively in cinemas on September 08 2023.

Written by Helena on avril 28, 2023

It’s been 84 years… FINALLY, we have the first look of Emma’s next project Poor Things, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. Poor Things tells the incredible story of Belle Baxter (Emma Stone), a young woman brought back to life by an eccentric but brilliant scientist. Still no release date as of now.
In other news, on April 01 Emma attended a surprise screening of Beau is Afraid to discuss the movie in a Q&A in New York. It was also announced that she would star in the next Ari Aster movie alongside Christopher Abbott. On April 25, she was at the Senate Chamber of New York because she is working on a law to end child harassment. Find all the pictures below: