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Emma Stone’s Style

Learn everything about Emma Stone’s style on red carpets.

Meet the Team.

Emma Stone has been working with the same style team since 2009. It is composed of Petra Flannery (clothing), Rachel Goodwin (makeup) and Mara Roszak (hair).

They are best of friends and always travel together. Rachel describes their friendship « like a really great rock band« 

About their first collaboration together, Rachel says : ‘We need to do red lips,. Up until that point, she was a smoky-eye girl, and I remember thinking, You’re going to look amazing; trust me. And she did. Right from the start, we were like, OK, this girl is going to be fun. »

Mara about Emma : « Emma is just such a special person. The whole team, our whole little group — it isn’t like work. I am so lucky to be able to call that a job. »

Creating the Look

Mara Roszak explains the creation process : 

« Once Petra Flannery and Emma Stone have chosen the outfits for a press tour, Flannery gives the rest of the team a preview. « When I think of a hair idea, I show everyone inspiration pictures on my iPad so they see what I have in mind. We use a lot of visual references, and there have been many plane rides talking about what we want to do. »


Their favourite look so far (TASM Paris Premiere in 2012) :

That « was our film-noir moment, with dark-cherry lips and waves, » says Goodwin. « And Petra poured Emma into this gorgeous Gucci dress, » says Roszak. « We were only there for 24 hours, so we filled the room with pastries—Em loves this crepe place called Breizh Café in Le Marais—and had this wonderful moment getting her ready, » says Goodwin

On the Red Carpet

2012 Golden Globes
2015 Golden Globes

Throughout her career, Emma Jean Stone experimented a lot of different styles, whether it’s the hair of the clothes. During the 2011/2012 era, Emma wore a lot of Lanvin, Calvin Klein and Bottega Veneta. During her La La Land promo tour, Emma had been wearing Prada, Dior and Givenchy a lot.

Since 2017, Emma is the new Louis Vuitton ambassador and now wears pieces of the brand 95% of the time. When not wearing Vuitton, Emma is seen wearing mostly Fendi or Givenchy.