In Fall 2014, Emma Stone was announced to be the next Sally Bowles for the musical Cabaret in Broadway.

Alan Cumming (for whom Emma Stone is Sally No. 6), explains, “It’s unusual for young actresses to get such completeness in a role. Sally is vulnerable, tragic, funny, unlikable, heartbreaking. And then she gets whacked across the face with an epiphany.” Stone adds, “I don’t think I’ve ever been so truly obsessed with a character or a story. I can’t believe this is actually happening!”

For the play, Emma had to learn three songs: « Perfectly Marvelous », « Don’t Tell Mama » and « Mein Herr ». Emma showed up on stage every night from November 2014 to February 2015 at Studio 54 in New-York. The show is two hours long.

During her IndieWire interview, Emma said: « I think this sense that you have of relying on the whole company, on relying on the cast and crew to put their prop in the right place so you have it for the next scene, or for the emotional logic to make sense to lead you into the next thing where a bunch of people are going to come onto the stage — you need to pick up where you left off. »

See promotional pictures, stills and more in the gallery:

CABARET (2014-2015)