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The cover, release date and special features for the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have been announced by Sony this morning, and the Marc Webb helmed sequel will be available to buy from August 5th on Digital HD download, with physical copies following on August 19th. Head on over to Amazon and pre-order it today.

Blu-ray & DVD Bonus Features Include:

  • 4 All-New Deleted Scenes with Commentary by Marc Webb
  • Filmmaker Commentary
  • Alicia Keys “It’s On Again” music video

Exclusively Available on Blu-ray:

  • 9 Additional Deleted Scenes with Commentary by Marc Webb, including “Peter Meets His Father”
  • “The Wages of Heroism: Making The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” featuring revealing, in-depth segments including:
  • “Lessons Learned: Development and Direction” — Filmmakers and cast discuss their approach to the sequel and their efforts to make it the best Spider-Man yet.
  • “Heart of the City: Shooting in New York” — A behind-the-scenes look at the film’s unprecedented access to New York City during production.
  • “Triple Threat: Attack of the Villains” — An inside look at the development of Spider-Man’s fearsome foes, Electro, the Green Goblin and Rhino.
  • “A More Dangerous World: Transforming Electro and the Green Goblin” — From make-up to costuming, see what it took to transform Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan into their fearsome alter-egos.
  • “A Bolt From the Blue: Visual Effects” — Sony Pictures Imageworks artists and animators show how they created the gravity defying, web-slinging and pumped-up action in the new film.
  • “Spidey Gets His Groove Back: Music and Editing” — Learn how the film’s soundtrack and score came together in this behind-the-scenes look at jam sessions with Composer Hans Zimmer and the team of master musicians he assembled, including Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr, Michael Einziger and more.

Exclusive to the DVD:

  • New Public Service Announcement for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO), featuring Andrew Garfield & WWO CEO Dr. Jane Aronson
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“Birdman” releases its first teaser trailer, showcasing the star-studded cast including Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Emma Stone, and Zach Galifianakis. One of the most anticipated films of the year, the drama comedy is directed by “21 Grams” helmer Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

The movie centers on Keaton’s character Riggan Thomson who is a former actor, once playing an iconic superhero. He mounts a Broadway play in a bid to reclaim past glory as he juggles family, career and his sanity.

The teaser opens with Keaton as the washed-out actor walking in the backstage of a Broadway play with Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” playing behind. “How did you end up here, in this dump. You’re a movie star, remember?” Thomson says in his mind before he goes on stage.

In real life, Keaton played Batman in 1989’s “Batman” and 1992’s “Batman Returns”. The teaser gave a glimpse of Thomson throwing a Batman-like poster against the wall in frustration. There’s also a scene of Norton, who played Hulk in real life, mocking Thomson and wrestling him to the floor.

“Birdman” will open in theaters October 17.

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The seventh installment of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” series is here! And as always, we don’t know whether to laugh or cry as we watch celebs like Emma Stone, Matthew McConaughey and Kit Harington reading aloud the nasty things that internet users have said about them.

…Well, okay, that’s not entirely true. Watching Matthew McConaughey musing out loud over the possible definition of the phrase “d–k turd” is definitely worth a chuckle.

In addition to Emma Stone (who “looks like she smells like cat piss,” according to one Twitter user) and Kit Harington (hashtagged with “#badcasting”), the video features a slew of Oscar-winning and -nominated actors including Julia Roberts, June Squibb, Andy Garcia and Don Cheadle.

Our favorite parts: the cute way that Emma screws up her nose when she gets to her assigned tweet’s excretory flourish, and June Squibb’s pleasant, grandmotherly suggestion that her insult twitterer do something unprintable.


It’s a veritable battle of wits and wiles in the first trailer for Woody Allen’s upcoming film, Magic in the Moonlight. Set in the 1920s, the movie stars Colin Firth as Stanley, a magician who sets out to debunk the work of a spirit medium named Sophie (played by Emma Stone ) who might be swindling a wealthy family.

The tête-à-tête between the two is as charming as you’d imagine — Sophie confounds Stanley by recalling a love affair his Aunt Vanessa (Eileen Atkins) had with a member of Parliament — and leads to a budding romance. The trailer is also packed with Allen’s trademark existential misery and dry humor: “My mental impressions are cloudy,” Sophie says at one point, to which Stanley replies: “Are they cumulus clouds or cirrus?”

Magic in the Moonlight also stars Marcia Gay Harden, Hamish Linklater and Simon McBurney. The film follows-up Allen’s Oscar-winning Blue Jasmine and opens in theaters on July 25th.

A few years ago, Stone spoke to Rolling Stone about clamming up at the thought of just speaking to Allen, and couldn’t even imagine working with one of her heroes: “People I admire I’m really okay with, but there are people that I literally hold as heroes in my life, who made me want to do what I do and made me understand life in a different way — and he’s one of them. So I wouldn’t be so cool around him.”

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Journalist Joe Michalczuk is lucky enough to have a job where he meets celebrities almost everyday and he just gets even luckier. Emma Stone, Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman were among the stars who spoke on his wedding video.

The journalist for Sky News enlisted the help of the stars to say something to his bride-to-be Jenny while interviewing them during the press junket for their movies. Zac Efron opened the video, saying, “Hey Jenny, congratulations. You picked the right dude.”

Stars of “The Other Woman (2014)” Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton shouted out, “Congratulations, Jenny!” together. While Ty Burrell gave an advice for a happy marriage, Miss Piggy and Kermit jokingly told Jenny to run away and bail. Hathaway recited her “Les Miserables” line, saying, “Jenny, I dreamed a dream you’d marry Joe.”


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Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix are set to star in Woody Allen’s next pic.

The film is currently untitled, but Allen is expected to write, produce and direct as he has with so many of his other projects.

Plot details are unknown, but sources say the film would likely shoot this July. The film is also without a distributor, but Sony Pictures Classics is a front-runner, as it has distributed this last handful of Allen films.

The cast is slowly starting to come together and expect it to be another grand ensemble. While this will be the first time Allen will have worked with Phoenix, he has been known to become attached to certain stars like Scarlett Johansson and Dianne Wiest. He looks to be doing the same here with Stone, whom he worked with on the upcoming “Magic in the Moonlight.”

Stone is coming off a big weekend at the box office, where her film “The Amazing Spider-Man 2? grossed $91.6 million at the domestic box-office. She is repped by WME and Anonymous Content.

Allen’s last film, “Blue Jasmine,” landed Cate Blanchett a lead actress Oscar and Sally Hawkins a supporting actress nomination.

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SNL host and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star, Andrew Garfield, is having problems filming the final kissing scene with Emma Stone, so Coldplay’s Chris Martin steps in to help.


“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” ignited the summer blockbuster movie season with a dominating $92 million U.S. debut at No. 1 this weekend.

Sony’s Marvel superhero sequel starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone was even more amazing abroad, and brought in a whopping $116 million from overseas this weekend. The $208 million weekend globally brings its total at the worldwide box office to $370 million after three weeks.

“This is a terrific opening here,” Sony’s head of distribution Rory Bruer told TheWrap, “And when you put it together with the worldwide numbers, it’s really stunning.”

“Everyone worked so hard on this project, starting with the cast and director, the production team, the marketing and distribution, we put everything we had into this and it’s really rewarding,” said Bruer. ”This is such an iconic character that you really don’t want to get in its way, and I think we struck the right balance,” he added.

The domestic opening is the year’s second-best, behind the $95 million April debut of another Marvel movie, Disney’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” It tops the $85.7 million that “Thor: The Dark World” opened to in November, and it blows away the $62 million that the first “Amazing Spider-Man” opened to in July 2012.

This weekend’s opening didn’t match the $114 million that the first “Spider-Man” debuted with 12 years ago, which was the first time any movie had cracked $100 million in its opening weekend. But the muscular showing by “Amazing Spider-Man 2” erases concerns about franchise fatigue and shows that Peter Parker and his alter ego remain among the heaviest hitters in the Marvel universe.


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Fresh off the release of her film “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” actress and philanthropist Emma Stone woke up early today to attend the 2014 Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Revlon Run/Walk For Women in New York City. Stone shared her hosting duties with television executive Andy Cohen, joining forces to help support women’s cancer research, counseling and outreach programs.

Stone has been outspoken about her mother’s battle with breast cancer and the impact it had on her family.

“My mom, she’s always been my hero,” she said. “Watching her experience something like breast cancer was pivotal, I think in my whole family’s life and experience. She is one strong lady, so we are walking together today. It’s pretty great thing to be here five years later.”

Stone said she’s grateful to be involved in the event for her third year.

“I just am a big fan of this event and it’s so inspirational and there’s so much energy,” she said. “They’ve done so much to give back.”

“As an actor, I end up talking about movies that I’m a part of, which is great,” Stone continued, “but to be able to talk about something that can really make some fundamental change in terms of – I can’t cure cancer, or treat it – but the fact that I can be part of something that really is able to give back in such a major way is a big honor.”

Stone and Good Morning America recently paired up when she visited the Gilda’s Club, an organization very close to her heart.

“What’s been one of the coolest ties on this whole presser we’ve done for Spider-Man is he’s a local hero. He’s doing so much for his community,” Stone said, ”So each place we’ve been to, we’ve been able to give back in some way.”

Cohen echoed his support for the event.

“I have some great friends who are fighting and fighting and I’m here for them and other women around the world trying to get on top of this disease,” he told ABC News.

There will be another EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women next Saturday in Los Angeles. Nearly one million people have participated in the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women and the Run/Walks have distributed more than $70 million to support the cause, according to the organization.

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