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Santa Claus, or whichever mythical holiday gift-giver in whom you believe, has granted the Internet an early Yuletide present today—a Bill Murray and Emma Stone YouTube video. In it, the charming duo adorably surprise thousands of military members at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii during the annual Tower Lighting celebration.

In addition to the pair showcasing their chemistry and Murray pronouncing Hawaii like a native, the duo thank the troops for being so supportive while they film on base. They are in Hawaii shooting an untitled Cameron Crowe project, which stars Bradley Cooper as a military contractor who falls for an air force pilot (Stone) after he’s assigned to oversee the launch of a weapons satellite from Hawaii. (It is uncertain what Murray’s role is.) The film also stars Rachel McAdams, Alec Baldwin, Danny McBride, John Krasinski, and Jay Baruchel.


They met and fell in love on the set of 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man, and two years later (a lifetime in Hollywood) Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are still together. Their brand-new baby, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, hits theaters next spring, and their notable charisma as a couple goes a long way toward piquing our excitement for the second installment in the latest iteration of the Marvel classic.

Joining Spidey are Paul Giamatti as Rhino, Jamie Foxx as Electro, Dane DeHaan as two-faced best bud Harry Osborn, and of course, Ms. Stone in the role of girlfriend Gwen Stacy (now with more side bangs). Rumor has it Stone’s character dies in the end, but we won’t know for sure until next year, and we’re certainly not crossing our fingers there.

In person, Garfield and Stone are just as adorable and gracious as they are when stalked by paparazzi on the streets of L.A. and NYC. We pulled the two aside to grill them on the return of their illustrious franchise and ended up with a true story of a pickup game of hoops between Spider-Man and the locals on a New York City playground. Not bad, huh?

How was it coming back to the franchise?
Andrew Garfield: “I think we now all feel ownership over this new chapter we are embarking upon, whereas in the first installment we had to establish ourselves. But, now we have the freedom to own the characters and to explore and expand the characters and the relationships. And, we have Cole and Jamie Foxx, so that’s a huge step for us in this franchise.”

What were the biggest challenges this time around?
Garfield: “The challenge, of course, is reinventing it in a way that is true to what Stan the man intended all those years ago and also necessary for the culture where we are in right now or the culture where we’ll be in 10 years. Somehow we have to walk that line. And, there are themes in this film that are very pertinent. Of course, you’re always thinking about the millions of fans, ’cause I’m one. I’m going to be harder on myself than even you ever will be. So, I’m constantly picking myself apart, which is painful and sometimes silly.”

Stunts get tougher as you get older?
Garfield: “As we know, your metabolism starts to slow down. I’m not a teenager. I’m 30 years old. I’m not the boy I once was. In terms of the stunts, we talked about Bugs Bunny and the trickster archetype and making sure that’s what sets Spider-Man apart, and what Stan has always been so beautiful at writing into Spider-Man is the quips and the wittiness and the physical absurdity and enjoyment that Peter Parker feels when he’s in Spider-Man’s suit.”

And, where are Gwen and Peter in their relationship now?
Emma Stone: “I think part of Gwen’s history, and the reason she understands Peter so well, is her father was always heroic even though he died in his line of duty. She’s always understood having a hero as the male figure in her life. Gwen is kind of the perfect person for Peter if Peter could only get his head straight, because she’s so clear; she has so much wisdom about her and especially in this new installment. She has gotten past the death of her father. And, as anyone does when they’ve recently lost something or someone, you have a much greater awareness of your mortality and of how fleeting everything is and of time. So, Gwen is all about time and the timing of things. She’s very, very clear on what she wants, and she wants to be with Peter, and I think that’s really conflicting for Peter. So, yes, it’s complicated, but she’s pretty steady and very wise for an 18-year-old girl.”

What was your favorite thing about coming back?
Stone: “It was a completely different experience ’cause we were in New York the entire time; we were in the streets a lot. There are lots of people that come out that are very excited to see Spider-Man. So, you really feel the city in a way that I don’t think we completely got to [before], the first one being mostly at Sony. Andrew played basketball with some kids in his Spider-Man costume. You can do things like that ’cause you’re in New York City, and you’re really interacting with kids who can directly relate to Peter Parker who are young kids growing up in that city, in that life.”
Garfield: “I was really excited. I was like these kids are going to lose their minds as soon as Spider-Man starts schooling them. And, then I arrived, and they were these really serious street-smart 5-year-old inner-city kids. I was like, ‘Yo, can I play?’ And, they were like, ‘If you want.’ And, they were fed up with me because I was ball-hogging, not as good as them. But, I had a good time.”

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It turns out that an unconventional script doctor is responsible for the success of DreamWorks Animation’s The Croods.

In a tongue-in-cheek “making-of” featurette, which The Hollywood Reporter is pleased to exclusively premiere, co-writer/co-directors Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders say that after a disastrous test screening, DreamWorks studio chief Jeffrey Katzenberg chewed them out and ordered them to fix the film.

The pair turned to an unconventional script doctor (an actual sloth), who is shown writing at a snail’s pace on a typewriter.

“I was about to walk,” says voice star Nicolas Cage in the video, adding he decided to stay when Katzenberg said Sloth would be reworking the script.

“I was just like, ‘Where do I get the clay of which to build a statue of you right now in my living room? Because Sloth is my favorite director of all time.'”

The video comes as DreamWorks Animation is making an aggressive push for its best animated feature Oscar contender The Croods, leaving no stone unturned in its effort to bag the studio its tenth nomination and third win in the category since it was first introduced in 2001. Indeed, everyone from the film’s co-writer/co-directors to its voice stars Cage and Emma Stone to Katzenberg are taking active roles in the campaign, as demonstrated by the above video.



Check out Total Film’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer breakdown, with director Marc Webb, and stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan discussing key moments from it!


Sony Pictures has released its first teaser for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 today, and you can see the first stamp of Dwight Caines, the president of Theatrical Marketing for Sony Pictures. who hatched this campaign with his Sony Pictures International counterpart Nigel Clark. Caines ran digital marketing for Sony worldwide, and this first trailer has been launched simultaneously online in a massive global play.

Versions of it were made more than 12 languages, including Russian and three different Chinese dialects. The trailer launched simultaneously on every Sony platform down to the Times Square billboard, and reams of other sites around the world. This is likely to become more common on event pictures, as all the studios embrace look at event pictures as global commerce instead of separate campaigns for domestic and international.

The sequel brings back Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. This time around, the webslinger goes up against a coterie of villains headed by Jamie Foxx‘s Electro. Dane DeHaan, Paul Giamatti, Chris Cooper, Sally Field and Denis Leary also star in the Marc Webb-directed movie.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 starts its international rollout on April 16, 2014 and debuts in the U.S. on May 2, 2014.

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Last month, we reported that Emma Stone and Jonah Hill were offered roles in Ghostbusters 3. Today we have word that Emma Stone has passed on the role of Anna, while Jonah Hill has not decided whether or not to take the role of Jeremy.

Here’s what Schmoes Know’s source dubbed “The Phantom” had to say.

“Emma Stone is passing on “Anna” but Jonah Hill still has an offer out for “Jeremy”. Interesting enough, Sony wants two big stars signed on or they will not green light the picture.”

While no story details have been confirmed by the studio, it has been long believed that the plot follows a new crop of Ghostbusters, trained by Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson from the original trilogy.

We also reported last month that production was being eyed for a spring 2014 start in Cleveland, although it seems this long-gestating sequel is still a long way from getting off the ground.

Ivan Reitman is still attached to direct from a script by Etan Cohen. Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg wrote the original draft.

Ghostbusters comes to theaters in 2016.


To help get you in the mood for tomorrow’s worldwide launch of the much anticipated The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer, we bring you an appetite whetting Q&A with the film’s Director, Marc Webb.

Starring Andrew Garfield, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is set for release April 18th, 2014

What do you want people to know about The Amazing Spider-Man 2?
Spider-Man is in for the greatest battle of his life. We begin the film with Spider-Man loving being Spider-Man – he’s smooth, having fun and the best crime fighter the world has ever seen. He’s got his webs, he’s got his agility and he’s got his wit. But soon, eter will have to face a foe more powerful than he can imagine. In a tragic twist of fate, Max Dillon transforms from Spider-Man’s biggest fan to his biggest foe.

What is Spider-Man facing in this film?
Peter Parker loves being Spider-Man. He wouldn’t change it for anything. But he’s always faced the challenge of how to be the hero without letting it take over his life. Can you be Spider-Man and stop the bad guys and also have another life – a girlfriend and a home life? And this time, that conflict is more important and treacherous than ever.

What’s new?
We’ve got the biggest, most dangerous villain Spider-Man has ever faced: Electro. You know, by now, Spider-Man is really good at being Spider-Man and I wanted a foe worthy of his skills. With Electro, nature comes alive. He harnesses the power of the city, merges with it and uses it to devastate New York City. Electricity surges from his hands in bolts that instantly fry anything in their path. As he gains access to more power the city’s prospects dim. He is light. He is darkness.

Tell us more about Electro.
Max Dillon represents the shadow side of admiration. A once-beaten down outsider, Electro’s rage has built up after years of rejection and loneliness and transforms into terror itself. His adoration of Spider-Man is obsessive. There’s something like Rupert Pupkin in him – a sweetness that covers up a psychotic break. That psychosis is at the heart of what will become a deep and abiding hatred for Spider-Man.

It seems that a lot of the Spider-Man villains come from OsCorp.
Yes, and that’s no coincidence. Of course, Max and Gwen both work at OsCorp, and Harry Osborn returns to decide how he is going to handle the responsibility of being the heir apparent to OsCorp. All of that will lead Peter into the great mysteries of OsCorp, and eventually he will face his greatest battle of all.


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Sony Pictures announced this morning via their Spider-Man Facebook page that the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will debut on December 5th. Check back here on that date to see Spider-Man (and Gwen) swing back into action!

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Emma Stone and Jonah Hill have been linked to Ghostbusters 3.

The pair were offered roles as Anna and Jeremy but no other details have been revealed on who these characters are in the movie, reports SchmoesKnows.

Earlier this year, Dan Aykroyd said that Ghostbusters 3 could start shooting early in 2014.

He said: “I know that we’re expecting half of the screenplay to be completed very soon. It should be into production by the fall and be shooting by the New Year.”

Aykroyd starred in both previous Ghostbusters movies, about a group of parapsychologists who investigate and capture ghosts in New York City.

Stone is working on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, while Hill can next be seen in The Wolf of Wall Street.

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