American actress Emma Stone is best known for her witty and charming roles in several popular comedies. She starred in the teen hits Superbad (2007), The House Bunny (2008) and Zombieland (2009), before her Golden Globe-nominated turn as Olive Penderghast in 2010’s Easy A. She also had roles in the critically praised The Help and the romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love, both released in 2011, and was cast as Peter Parker’s love interest in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and its 2014 sequel. Stone received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the dark comedy Birdman (2014), and earned her first Oscar win for her portrayal of an aspiring actress in La La Land (2016). The following year, she garnered more buzz for Battle of the Sexes. Emma then portrayed Abigail Hill in The Favourite which received ten Oscar nominations including Best Supporting Actress for Emma.


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