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Emma Attends ‘La La Land’ Paris Premiere

On Tuesday (January 10), Emma attended the Paris premiere of La La Land! Emma wore a short-sleeved burgundy Chanel top with a floral bodice, teamed with a gold skirt done in the brand’s signature tweed and a pair of black single-sole Jimmy Choo sandals (source). You can check out over 200 high quality photos from the premiere to the gallery!

Emma Attends 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Yesterday, Emma attended the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Emma looked radiant in a Valentino dress. La La Land took home 7 awards including Emma’s win for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy! Congratulations to Emma and the cast & crew! The gallery has been updated with over 700+ high quality photos from the awards!

Emma Attends BAFTA Tea Party

On Saturday (January 07), Emma attended the annual BAFTA Tea Party! She looked beautiful as always. The gallery has been updated with high quality photos.

Emma Attends 6th AACTA International Awards

On Friday, Emma also attended the 6th AACTA International Awards. HQ photos have been added to the gallery!

Emma Attends 17th Annual AFI Awards

Back on Friday (January 06), Emma attended the 17th Annual AFI Awards. I have added HQ photos from the awards luncheon to the gallery!

Scans from Vanity Fair Italia (January 11, 2017)

I have added scans of Emma featured on the cover of the January 11, 2017 issue of Vanity Fair Italia. Thanks to my friend Nicole for the scans!

W Magazine Celebrates the Best Performances Portfolio and the Golden Globes

Yesterday (January 5), Emma attended W Magazine’s celebration of the Best Performances Portfolio and the Golden Globes. I’ve added high quality photos from the event to the gallery!

Emma Stone Was Nervous About Singing in La La Land, But Not About Admitting that She Sucks Her Thumb

W MAGAZINE – With her role in La La Land, Damien Chazelle’s modern take on the classic musical, Emma Stone emerged as a true Hollywood triple-threat: not only can she act, she can also sing and dance. Here, Stone, who is one of the stars of W’s February 2017 issue, opens up about her favorite musicals of all time, what it was like to sing on camera, and more.

Lynn Hirschberg: How did you get the part in La La Land? Emma Stone: Well, Damien [Chazelle, the director] came to see me when I was doing Cabaret, and he saw me on a night that I was on a lot of cold medicine, which was a lot of nights because I was sick a lot during the run. And, I didn’t know that he had come with the composer, Justin Hurwitz. After the fact I heard he had seen it and I was really upset, because I was like I don’t think I was even in my body for that entire show. I think that was my unofficial audition for La La Land, without knowing it.

Which was your favorite number to perform in La La Land?
I did love doing the audition, although that kind of thing, when it’s just you and it’s one shot, is a little tricky, and maintaining my voice is a feat for me. So I loved doing the duet number on the hill with Ryan [Gosling], where I’m in the yellow dress and he’s in the suit and that was also one shot and we had just practiced for so long, I mean for months and months, so to finally do it on that day was really exciting.

Do you now dance differently at parties?
No, I pretty much always dance like that at parties I think.

You put on the shoes and then you start doing tap dancing.
I say I was born knowing how to do a time-step. I wasn’t, but I learned it when I was little, just a kind of simple time step, and that’s actually something that I can remember doing on sets since I started working. It kind of wakes me up to do a little time step, but that was the only tap that I knew.
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